UK Delphinium Trials

The Royal Horticultural Society are planning a Delphinium Seed Trial to be planted out in 2022 at RHS Wisley Trial grounds.

The seed range is still to be decided. The trial will be run by the Herbaceous Plant Committee of the RHS and the Wisley Trials Department.

The last trial was in 2007/8. It is hoped this trial will run for 3 years. This will give a better assessment of true perenniality of strains.

We are aware of many commercial seed strains that are available, but we are looking for those which have given particularly good results. So, we are seeking recommendations from specialist delphinium growers and Society Members.

Dr Clive Rowe will send our suggestions to the RHS trials department at Wisley and they will finalise the list of nurseries and growers who will be invited to take part in the Trial.

If you have any suggestions, please email Clive Rowe 

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